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Learn how to transfer billing responsibility for a wireless number from one AT&T customer to another. You can start the transfer at myAT&T, and the new user can accept online, too. Learn more at http://

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Transfer of Billing Responsibility | AT&T Wireless Support

This video shows how you can transferbilling responsibility for an AT&T wireless numberto another person.

There are two parts to the process.

First, the Requestor, or current AT&T account owner, starts the process to transfer the wireless number.

Second, the Acceptor, or future owner, completes the process and accepts billing responsibility for the line.

With myAT&T the entire process can be done online from your mobile device or a computer.

Say for example, your adult child's line is on your AT&T account, and your child gets his or her first full-time job, you can transfer billing responsibility for the line to your son or daughter.
If the person accepting the transfer doesn't already have an account with AT&T, that's okay, a new AT&T account will be created.

You may want to take notes on this process because it involves a few steps.

Here are some things you need to know before you begin.

For the Requestor, the line can't be on a GoPhone or company account.

The Requestor's account that has the line must have been active for at least 60 days.

The line must be active.

The Requestor's account can't have a past-due balance.

Any past-due balances can be paid online in myAT&T before you begin the process.

Please note that it may take up to 5 minutes to process an online payment so you may need to wait a short time after paying before you begin the transfer.

Voicemail messages may get erased, so you should check your messages before transferring the line.

And finally, Rollover Data and Rollover Minutes will not transfer to the new owner. As the Acceptor, you must be an adult. You will complete a credit evaluation during the acceptance process and may be asked to pay a deposit. If you already have an AT&T account it can't have a past-due balance. Any past-due balances can be paid online in myAT&T before you begin the process. You will accept full billing responsibility for the line beginning on the transfer date. This includes service contract or AT&T Next retail installment agreements, if any. Lastly, you'll select from the plans and features that we currently offer.

To start the transfer process, go to, log in to myAT&T using your ID and password. Next, on the transfer billing responsibility page choose the wireless line or lines you want to transfer. Then enter the information for the person who will be accepting the transfer; enter the person's full first and last name and email address. After you accept the terms and conditions, select "Submit". We'll send you an email or text message confirming that your request was sent to the Acceptor. We'll also send a confirmation email or text message when the Acceptor has completed the process.

Here is how the Acceptor can start the acceptance process: either click on the link in the transfer request email that was automatically sent to you, or, if you already have an AT&T account, log in to myAT&T, select "Billing, usage, payments" and then select "Transfer billing responsibility".

The Acceptor will need to complete this process within 14 days. We'll ask for some information to complete the acceptance.

During the process the Acceptor will choose the plan for each line being transferred. You'll also need to accept the Wireless Customer Agreement; if applicable, acceptance of any Next retail installment agreements will also occur.

When the information is entered, the Acceptor just selects "Complete transfer", and the transfer is all set.

You will receive a confirmation email or text message. The Requestor will receive one final prorated bill, which covers charges up to the date the transfer of billing was completed. In addition, the Acceptor's first bill may also include prorated charges for service from the date of the transfer to the monthly billing date.

For more information about transferring wireless service to another person, please visit

Thanks for choosing AT&T!

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