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Toy ice cream truck Lego Friends Elsa Anna have chocolate strawberry Ice Cream playset

Toy video for children of Lego Junior Ice Cream Truck with Elsa and Anna from Frozen and 2 Lego Friends having ice cream and lots of fun! Children can build their own amazing ice cream truck with this Lego playset which is easy to assemble for kids ages 4 - 7. Playset also comes with cash register, toppings bottles, ice cream cone holder and a freezer. More videos by Playland: Toy kitchen cooking baking play-doh bread slime egg velcro cutting vegetables mentos lemonade Toy tea party playset velcro cutting fruits cakes cookies Elsa Baby Alive learn names of foods Toy Ice Cream Cart playset Elsa Minnie Mouse Dora Barbie chocolate vanilla ice cream toy food Electronic magic toy oven baking bread rolls muffins sparkling cupcakes cozy village learn colors toy toilet slime peppa pig poop noise maker Double decker London bus wooden toy educational video learn colors 3d geometrical shapes Toy food Japanese musical oden hot pot fun game unboxing toy dango dumplings Wooden toy velcro cutting cakes for children chocolate cake and vanilla cream birthday cake Baby toy learning colors video hammer ball pop up wooden toys learn English fun game

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This is the amazing musical ice cream pop candy cart (shop CNDirect ) Learn the names of colors and names of foods such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, lollipop, popsicle, etc. Cart plays many different children's songs and nursery rhymes. Watch and learn as Barbie, Elsa and Anna from Frozen buy sweets and ice cream from the cart!

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