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Chocolate Cake Soap | Cold Process Soap by Kilted Suds | Confetti Soap | Divided Pour

Such a fun soap to make, using combined techniques! The center is a confetti soap, surrounded by white "icing" on the cake! Shop our available products now:

How To Make Liquid Soap

Make liquid soap from home with chemicals

Essential oil distillation home made , rosemary - Huile essentielle distillation maison, romarin

In this video I show my very simple home made distillery for essential oils and distill rosemary oil. I use a pressure cooker, some copper pipe and a pot (for the condenser). Simple to put together and easy to run. - I used fresh cut rosemary - a fifth of the pressure cooker is filled with water - the condenser is filled with cold water, I also added blocks of ice and periodically removed the surface hot water and replaced it with cold water so that the condenser stays cool. - after a few minutes of distillate production a fine layer of oil begins to form on top of the water - I use syringes to remove the water from the oil - the distillation process takes about 45 minutes - the full pressure cooker gave about 5ml of rosemary essential oil

Spa Collection Soap with Avocado | Cold Process Soap | Avocado Soap by Kilted Suds

I am super happy to introduce you to the first bar in what will be the all new Spa Collection from Kilted Suds! This soap was made by using whole avocado, purreed, and then frozen. The avocado is used as a replacement for part of the water in the lye/water solution. Using avocado in soaps like this make for a very rich luxurious bar. Soap was scented with a beautiful Lemon Blossom fragrance. Release date for the Spa Collection is still TBD. Be sure to check out some of the other wonderful products from Kilted Suds:

Dragon Blood Soap | Layered Soap | In-The-Pot Swirl | Drop Swirl | Kilted Suds Soap

This was a fun soap to make!! Made in two separate batches, one with a drop swirl, and one with an in the pot swirl. The top was textured with a fork! Shop Kilted Suds now:

I lost power a few times during the filming of this one, but it's still one of my favorite soaps, so I had to share anyway!!
Made using a blend of rosemary & peppermint essential oils.

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